Science – Technology – Societal change

This blog was born at a time when my relationship with this world and the people in it felt like it was cracking at the seams. I was asking myself (still am) why everyone behaved like idiots, why politicians were participating in shit-fights instead of cooperating for everyone’s good, why people were fascinated by people having sex on TV instead of being fascinated by mankind for the first time trying and succeeding in landing a robotic probe on a comet travelling at 135 000 km/h, after a 10 year spacecraft mission to obtain the right orbit. Naturally, I wrote a monster post and never published it.

Two years later, I felt ready to click publish. Updates are random in appearence, theme and tone. Like it or don’t like it, what’s important is that you listen to others, and think for yourself.

What I do days and nights:

  • quantum stuff @ KTH
  • democratizing education with Checheza
  • figuring out society with Piratpartiet
  • challenge myself
  • have long breakfasts
  • think about stuff like how to save the world, or what is the absolute shortest way to the metro station

Speaking, chatting, debating etc.

I regularly do popular science talks and presentations on Quantum Technologies and Quantum Physics.

It is mindboggling to me that tax-funded research is still unaccessible to the majority of the population. I take every chance I get to talk about Open Science, since knowledge, like love, grows when we share it.

I’m an engineer and tech enthusiast, formerly project manager at Womengineer and founder of IGEday. Happy to tell you what measures we can take to get more youth and especially girls into engineering and tech, to Future-proof society.

You’re welcome to invite me to speak, moderate or join a panel on these or related subjects. If you want my expertize, give me a shout out!

katarina stensson pp-foto stefan rouden_srphoto_svartvit_mindre_sign

Foto: Stefan Roudén

Where to find me

Twitter: @stenssok
Instagram: @stenssok (personal) or @katarinaipolitiken (politics)
LinkedIn: katarinast

Some material by or about me

Pirate movement

(About one hour in)

Slides to talk (above) for Pirate party Finland 6 June 2020: Ideology, narratives and pirate ‘raison d’être’

Debatt: “Digitaliserad vård kräver fokus på säkerhet” – Dagens samhälle 25 augusti 2017

Science stuff

Conversation: with Prof. Gunnar Björk about the LIGO observatory and the 2017 Nobel prize in Physics, KTH and Scientific American, December 2017

Checheza and social innovation

Article: “Checheza app giving children quality learning” – Equator news, December 19 2018

Seminarium: “Digitala läromedel till världens barn” – Östergötlands museum som del av föreläsningsserien Digitala revolutioner 8 september 2016


Intervju: “Katarina Stensson” – Womengineer 24 november 2016
Panel: “Har företag som Ericsson en framtid i Sverige?” – Ericsson/DN partnerseminarium Almedalen 3 juli 2017

My publications

Measurement of the two-time intensity correlation function of arbitrary states, Physical Review A (Editor’s suggestion), September 2018

Two-photon interfrerence from two blinking quantum emitters, Physical Review B, 2017

Proposed implementation of “non-physical” four-dimensional polarization rotations, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 2016

Licentiate thesis: Generation and detection of non-classical photon states, June 2018

Master thesis: Quantum optics in 2D nonlinear lattices, 2014

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